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Sustainable solutions

A solution from Agrimex is economically, financially and environmentally sustainable. Read about our values.

We know the local conditions

We have experience in establishing broiler productions in Eastern Europe. This ensures that we know the local conditions and are familiar with the problems which can arise when investering in new production facilities.

Broiler production

We are proud to be able to offer the newest knowledge and technology in broiler production. In co-operation with you, we can use this technology to customize a solution that fits your needs and demands. No matter if you are looking for a turnkey solution for a broiler production or just a technology supplier, you can be sure that Agrimex has the necessary expertise to do the job in the way you want.


A solution from Agrimex complies with all EU and local regulations and especially environmental regulations. A turnkey broiler production facility will therefore be ready for environmental approval when it is delivered. Furthermore, a solution from Agrimex will strive to reduce the ressource consumption and minimize the environmental impact. We do this by using energy saving technology, e.g. efficient ventilation systems, and by ensuring that waste products can be reused in other parts of the production or by external partners.


A solution from Agrimex focuses on giving you the best conditions for an optimal operation by streamlining the production, eliminating unnecessary processes and giving the broilers the best conditions for growth. This is achieved through automating processes and implementing computer-controlled systems. By the use of such intelligent management systems, you will be able to monitor the production, and quickly respond to signs of defective equipment or outbreak of diseases.


It is therefore our promise that an investment in a solution from us will be sustainable both in terms of environment and economy.
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